The Eagle Has Landed

A Saturday Snippet

President Obama is going to be (or already is) in New England this coming week, but that is not who I’m talking about.

I absolutely love our back view. I lie in bed at night, right up next to the back window, and fall asleep to starshine and wake up to sun or clouds or wind on the pond. I was going to start a series of weekly “through the window” photos, but . . . I guess the screen is going to make those less inspiring than the scene actually is.

Stupid screen . . .

Stupid screen . . .

Paul and I will slowly come awake in the mornings and Paul will say sleepily, “There’s the osprey,” or “Lots of ducks out there today.”

Apparently every spring, a pair of bald eagles also flies through the neighbourhood. I missed them last year and my Paul and I didn’t even know each other this time the year before that, so I missed them that year, too. Not today, though! Today, for all the world as if they knew I had nothing to write about for Saturday Snippets and wanted to help me out, the two eagles made their stop on the pond.

They were enormous. They flew about the circumference, and back and forth over our house. (We made Oscar stay indoors.) They dipped and soared and dove. They swooped and hovered and glided. Then they landed in the tree right on the corner of our property above the pond. The female blended right in as soon as she landed, but I managed to get some semi-discernible photos of the male.

Bald Eagle 1Bald Eagle 2They hung about for maybe five minutes, with my Paul and me cautiously but intently lurking with cameras, trying desperately to get an actually decent shot, yet not daring to move lest they fly away. Finally, fly away they did, back around the pond once, and then away. We’ll look for them again next year.

Somewhere in this picture, eagles are flying . . .

Somewhere in this picture, eagles are flying . . .


15 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed

  1. It’s one of my biggest thrills to see Bald Eagles like this: just out flying around and being wild. They are beautiful, so seeing them in zoos and rescues is pretty neat, but nothing compares to wild and free. Lovely post and lovely pictures, too!

    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s pretty awe-inspiring. I confess that seeing them I pictures and zoos always seems a little cliche to me (because I further confess I’m not that patriotic), but seeing them in the wild is something else entirely.

  2. I have to say , a little bit jealous ūüôā
    In the first pic through the screen it looked like parts of the pond still had ice on it… but that was probably just the screen?

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