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Introducing elliejaneohara, of Catholic Lite. I’m not journeying into the Catholic church like she is, but I totally resonated with this post. Which might be ironic–I dunno. See for yourself.

Catholic Lite

When I was growing up I went to a lot of churches who were out to make me cry. I went to churches who existed to evoke emotion – to make their congregants feel something.

In a culture where we are constantly in touch with our feelings, sometimes it’s difficult to actually feel. Emotionally driven books, movies, TV shows, Facebook and blog posts, songs, and pictures bombard us. People respond to emotion, so those who want to be heard appeal to our feelings – and while it works for a time, eventually we become desensitized.

We’ve felt  so much – and our hearts need a break. Years of exposure to emotional appeals leave us needing time away from feelings – a repose from the ups and downs. So we allow callouses to form on our hearts. We allow them to become hard.

I think this is why I’ve seen so…

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing ellijaneohara’s wonderful post! (I left a comment on her blog, but I wanted to thank you, too.) Without your reblog of it, I would never have seen it, and her post hit a lot of different levels for me, too. I hope you had a great Easter! 🙂

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