I Am Not a Poet

Memory Monday

I am not a poet. That is probably why I keep posting this one. I”ll bet I haven’t written more than maybe three poems since I first penned this one, in London. And then I blogged it from New England, eight years after I wrote it, on my old blog. Now I’m reblogging it here. Not because I think it’s so great, but because it’s about Easter Monday, which is today, and because it’s a very happy memory.

Glorious Glowing Life

Also, it features my favourite flower

Easter Monday

After the Resurrection
The gave us a holiday,
So we took it
With our umbrellas
(To keep it from raining
Which they did).
We drank cappuccinos at Starbucks
And watched the foam clouds
Scud across the top of Green Park
Until the sky was blue
And we had to go for a walk in it,
As the trees exploded
Around us
Like suspended fireworks
Sizzling seedbursts down
And bringing them up
Short of the lampposts,
And the sun showered late daffodils
Onto the grassy slope,
Which begged for someone
To run spring-fever-crazy
Through them
Or to gather them up in a ball
And toss them–
Glorious glowing life.

I’d wish you a happy April Fool’s Day, too, but I can’t figure out if that is extra appropriate, or not appropriate at all . . .


7 thoughts on “I Am Not a Poet

  1. I do love that poem. And I love the Easter Monday holidays. Don’t know why they don’t do that here…instead, back to work! ūüė¶

  2. You are a poet; you wrote a poem. And its good, too. If it were mine, which its not, I’d worry less about keeping the lines regular and more about not breaking the flow of each phrase, but that’s possibly just a personal preference thing.

    More importantly, I love the delight in it, I love the juxtaposition in the opening few lines and the very British bathos of the umbrellas, and I love the tree blossom as fireworks. And also I love daffodils. So thanks.

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