You Can Breathe Again Now

Wordy Wednesday

Just wrapping up business over here today. First item:


Did you forget you were going to enter this game?

You have a total of two (2) days to submit your entries to BizarroWord–a game I made up in the throes of illness, and which may just make you the proud owner of either an autographed copy of Trees in the Pavement or a batch of apple muffins. Go ahead. Nothing to lose, everything to win! (Well, okay, only one thing, really, but one is still more than zero.) Plus I was really hoping to get to judge between more than three contestants–although all three of their entries are awesome, so it’s not like there isn’t actually competition . . . Probably you’re all just waiting to inundate me on Friday. That’s it, isn’t it?

But wait. You don’t know how to play, you say? Just click on that snazzy little badge above and scroll down a bit. You’ll see it.

Second Item of Business:

I got my second Favored One rejection letter today. On the basis of the two (2) rejection letters I’ve gotten this month, it seems to be the “thing” these days to apologise that you’re rejecting someone’s novel via form letter–and then to mention, politely, that there is no way in heck they’re going to give you any more personalised feedback; in other words, don’t bother contacting them again.

I don’t really mind the form letter. It makes sense to me. I just don’t think there’s any real way to reject someone (or someone’s work–but a writer often sees herself and her work as one and the same) gracefully, so these extraneous apologies strike me as superfluous–and also kind of funny.

This approach works just as well.

This approach works just as well.

Third Item of Business:

Yes, I actually did use my afternoon to write last Tuesday. I know–some of you who were here before the Great Reblog have been holding your breath this whole time. You can breathe again now. I didn’t get a lot written, but I discovered I actually do have some ideas for a series of interconnected YA novels which I’m starting to get pretty excited about. I’m also getting excited about the excitement, I think–I haven’t had a story actively batting around my head in quite some time, and now I think I might have two (2)!

I also discovered three different beginnings to a novel idea I had in 2005. Unfortunately, now it’s 2013, and my handle on London slang and “foreign English” (by which I mean different linguistic quirks in English within different ethnic groupings of people learning English as Another Language) has pretty much slipped. This is unfortunate because most of the characters spoke in varieties of these two (2) “Englishes.” It means I’m not sure I can ever get this story going again. Which is a shame, because all three beginnings were awesome. At least I don’t have to pick one now, I guess.

What are your Items of Business for the day?

Wordy Wednesday has been brought to you today by . . . words, and by the number two (2). Apparently.

8 thoughts on “You Can Breathe Again Now

  1. If you need a variety of English, just give me a ringer. I’ve got Dutch English, pirate English and failed Scottish accent (also, my pirate English is not that pirate, I turn ‘Canadian’ after a few words.

    • Haha! Awrsome! 🙂

      I can’t talk like any of those accents–i could only write in them. But I think I need, like, Persian English and Pakistani English…and London English.

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