Saturday Snippets #5

A. Reblogs

Not to sound pathetic or whiny or anything, but I’ve been blogging since 2006 and though I have garnered a fairly loyal The Readership, it has always also been somewhat small. The most hits I’ve ever had on this blog in one day (and it was the most by far) was 212, the time I wrote about my Paul’s and my engagement. In the months following our wedding, The Readership shrank quite a bit, and my Paul said (not as unkindly as it looks in writing), “It’s because before you were this edgy single blogger, and now you’ve turned into a boring married person.”

I suspect there’s something to that, although I think “edgy” may have been a complimentary overstatement. Then within the last couple of months I created a Blog Schedule (and wrote a post entitled “The Hate of God“–there, that’s edgy) and The Readership has grown and remained steady. Still not large, but respectable.

Then this week, two other bloggers decided (independently of each other, I believe) to reblog two of my posts on their own blogs. Which was ridiculously nice of them, if you ask me. Kiley (you know, Fictionary-Kiley?) reblogged me over the weekend, I think, and then Opinionated Man reblogged my “Single Subconscious” post. After he did that, my blog saw 211 hits–just one shy of those for the engagement post. And I would just like to say here:

Thank you, Kiley and Opinionated Man!


Welcome, new The Readership! I’m super-stoked you’re here!

(Not just because I’m a little pathetic and needy, but also because you all seem like really interesting people and I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas with you.)

These skyrocketing blog stats go to show a) that the Opinionated Man has a really popular blog and that b) my Paul is probably right that people want to read about relationships.

The thing is, I kind of feel like I’ve negated my relationship-writing cred. I’m no longer single, so I can’t really write much about that anymore (lest people like the single person I once was say, “Yeah, well, that’s easy for her to say. She got married!”), and I haven’t been married long enough to really sound off with marital wisdom. And frankly, although I don’t mind telling sweet marriage stories, I don’t think that I could make a steady writing diet of relationship stories without damaging my own relationship. So . . . you guys are stuck with Memory Monday, Wordy Wednesday, Theology Thursday, Family Friday and Saturday Snippets.

But here’s something I am going to change. It was such a boon to be reblogged by Kiley and Opinionated Man, that I am realising that (in spite of my smaller readership) maybe I could help out some other bloggers by reblogging, too. So Tuesday shall be Tuesday Reblog. Which I know does not alliterate, but there should be something different, yea verily, even distinctive about it, since it’s other people’s stories and not the Jenn stories, right? I’m going to start this Tuesday (and delete my sidebar blogroll, which is just to hard to keep up with).

I’ll be perusing your blogs for reblog material, but if you have a post you’re particularly proud of that you’d like me to consider, please send me a link!

B. Our Fair City

The other day I was running errands for work and just about to make a right-hand turn when I was slowed down considerably by a guy, probably in his 20’s, half in and half out of the driver’s side of his car, pushing it through the intersection. It didn’t seem to be going too well, but probably part of the problem was that he seemed to ascribe to that male habit that started in the 90’s, of wearing his trousers down around his bum. The thing was, his pushing the car was causing his trousers to fall lower and lower, such that I’m pretty sure the bottom hem of his plaid boxer shorts was visible above the waistline of his jeans, and at any moment the whole ensemble was going to be around his ankles. I turned the corner before I had to watch that disaster happen.

I thought about this as I continued on my merry way (made merrier by the ridiculousness I had just seen) and, shaking my head, said to myself–not for the first time, “Is that even in style anymore?”

The thing is, in Our Fair City, such a question is totally irrelevant. People still walk around here wearing mullets, a hair “style” they have continuously sported since its debut in the 1980’s, without irony. The boys in the Youth Group (at least some of them) still flaunt their boxers, with their “Pants on the Ground.” It’s like every example of bad taste gets embraced here and then never leaves.

Our Fair City has a few nicknames, the favourite (at least in some circles which I frequent) being “Paris of the 80’s.” This name I think was not coined in jest, but most people now use it with equal measures fondness and irony. I love that nickname–I think it’s hilarious–but I would like to recommend a fall-back:

Our Fair City: Museum of Questionable Taste

And now, a relevant-but-appropriately-outdated public service announcement:


Note: Our Fair City also has more than its share of hidden gems, but . . . for the most part they’re hidden, which makes finding them all the more delightful, but also makes the above nickname still seem like it fits.

C. BizarroWord!

Don’t forget to send in your submissions to

BizarroWordYou’ve got seven days left . . .


4 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets #5

  1. You know, I can’t remember how I found your blog and happily joined The Readership. I think we found each other nearly at the same time, which was bizarre but wonderful. At any rate, I’m happy to have located your blog. I think the idea of a blog schedule, where you do something different every day of the week, is great. I keep on saying that I need to sit down and figure out a posting schedule for myself. Because inspiration doesn’t always come when it’s supposed to. (Darn you, Inspiration!)

    Good luck with Reblog Tuesday! (Tell it Again Tuesday? Told Twice Tuesday? … Hmmm … :D)

    • Hmmm . . . those are good titles . . . 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I think I was afraid of feeling boxed in by a schedule for a long time, or that I’d feel all guilty if I missed a day or something. But it’s actually sort of freeing and inspiring–like so many things that seem like they wouldn’t be (self-discipline, commitment . . . all that good stuff!).

      I think we met through Opinionated Man’s reblogging my dream post. I’m glad we met, too!

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