Stunning Realisations

Wordy Wednesday

[As you can see, we’re trying out a new template/theme over here and it is precisely none of the ones I asked you to help me decide on last week. We’ll see how we like it for a little while, but by next Wednesday, who knows? We may have a whole new look all over again. Anyway, your feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.]

On Monday I made a rather disheartening discovery about myself and my writing.

The Youth Group had a fundraiser that evening and so I stayed home during the day and did homework and stuff. But it’s the beginning of a new term, so I could only do so much reading ahead, you know? And I can’t get a head start on any projects when we haven’t even met for class yet and found out exactly what these projects are supposed to look like.

Thing is, I finished my reading for the week, and then I finished my reading for next week, and then I tried to think of a blogpost to write here, but the lingonberry one hadn’t occurred to me yet and I was forced to face the fact that . . .

I actually had time to start a new writing project.

And then I was forced to face the following fact that . . .

I didn’t want to.

It’s not that I don’t have ideas. I have ideas. I just have no idea how to start them. Also, I’m not convinced they’re overly compelling, and so I’m not convinced I can convince anybody else they are. (I’m having enough trouble over that with Favored One–for which, by the way, I finally got one rejection letter.)

I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I finally thought of that lingonberry post. Actually I can: only sort of relieved, because I still had hanging over my head the awareness that I could have written and I didn’t. Also, the awareness carried into Tuesday, on account of we had a snow day and also I am still sick so I was taking it easy by coughing my lungs out staying in my pajamas and under blankets on the couch. So I wrote this post to fill up some of the time. But I’m still more than caught up with my homework and even regular work, and at 9.46 a.m., I still had the whole day ahead of me.

Take a guess. Did I start work on a new novel, or not?

That is the question (mark).

That is the question (mark).


14 thoughts on “Stunning Realisations

  1. Weren’t you the one asking for novel ideas a few months ago? Did all the ideas handed to you go the way of the proposed blog themes (I’m really looking forward to next Wednesday)?

    As you know, I liked reading your last work, so I am now encouraging you to write. Also, I would tell you not to listen to those who don’t share what your heart says, so in the end it doesn’t really make a difference. All I know is that I’m absolutely jealous of your time. If you, tomorrow, find yourself in a similar situation, let me know. Knowing how fond you are of working ahead, I have a really interesting paper about security, speech act theory and Lincoln’s first inaugural speech due in a week. You should totally look into that. I already did some research and an outline, so you can start right away.

    • Haha! I would do that . . . for a fee. 🙂

      Anyway, thank you for the encouragement. I appreciate it a lot. And . . . no those ideas didn’t go the way of the proposed blog themes. I SAID I had ideas. 🙂

      • Oh. I saw your second comment . . . second.
        As for the proposed blog themes–I proposed them, and then I listened to my Readership (you) who said it might be nice still to have a side bar. You’re right. It might! 🙂

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