Saturday Snippets 3.5

Well, there was that Saturday-Snippets-on-Sunday situation . . .

Ready? Aaaand go!

Ready? Aaaand go!

You know that day when you get up and the sun is shining and you were supposed to take a day trip with the Youth Group but none of them end up wanting to go so you think instead you’ll go with your husband to help your husband’s sister pack up some boxes so she can move on Monday and after that you and your husband will take the dogs and go snowshoeing for a little bit?

And so you know how you go to your husband’s sister’s apartment and discover she has so much stuff that after four hours of putting stuff in boxes it looks like you’ve only been there five minutes and by this time you’re hungry and you also had discovered earlier that your kitchen sink faucet is rotted out because you have the 80’s hair band of hard water and so instead of snowshoeing what you really need to do is go to Home Depot and buy a new faucet fixture so you go there after lunch during which you and your husband each have a beer because it’s that kind of day even though you never normally drink alcohol that early and then you go to Home Depot and get sink stuff and then you go to Market Basket because you kind of need some groceries and sometime during all of this you discover that your phone has been deactivated because your credit card was stolen a few weeks ago and even though you contacted the phone service providers with the new credit card information for some reason apparently it hasn’t gone through and suddenly you are without phone service and your husband assures you in no uncertain terms that you are going to lose the phone number you’ve had since you moved back to the United States of America from London in 2002?

And you know how you get home and are dog-tired because of all the boxes and shopping and you put everything away and you do a load of laundry and then you sit down to try to sort out the phone thing but the phone service provider’s stupid website won’t accept the security code of your credit card even though you have entered it correctly seventeen times and it only is three digits after all and you aren’t that dyslexic and you can’t actually call their customer support number because oh yeah your phone has been deactivated so you write them a frustrated email instead and figure you will be incommunicado until probably next Wednesday and in the meantime the phone service provider you had before these guys keeps sending you bills even though you haven’t belonged to them in a month and a half?

And then your husband wakes up from his nap and lets you use his phone so you can reactivate yours and it works. And you call the other phone service providers and realise you were reading the final bill wrong and that you don’t actually owe as much money as you thought. And you sit down on the couch. Under an afghan. Snuggled up next to Oscar. And eat a hot dog that your husband cooks for you.

And suddenly the day seems all right after all.

Yeah. That day. Was today.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets 3.5

  1. Ya you know that kinda day when last year you bought yourself with your birthday money a nexus and your wife says you were going to share that right… which really means it has become hers, so you just give up and so it’s yours honey and then 8 months later you decide to take some tax return money and buy yourself a tablet and and so you find a cheapo tablet online and you finally get it and it’s not as nice as the nexus but hey it’s better than nothing and then you have it for like a week when one of the kids knocks it off the table and your now out a tablet. Yep it was one of those days.

  2. Perfect preview of your frustrating day, Jenn. This must be the first time I’ve enjoyed the run-on sentences because they are so effective in putting your story on the page.

    Glad you have the cell phone sorted.

    • Ugh! Me, too!

      At the end I thought about saying, “Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I like run-on sentences.” But then I figured everyone would figure it out. 🙂

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