First Anniversary

Family Friday

Last week was my Paul’s and my first anniversary. Did I tell you that? Yes. I did.

We went to Franconia Notch in New Hampshire. It was not a part of New Hampshire I had ever been to before. It was snowy, unlike our part of New England until today. We had snowshoes, and we knew how to use them. (Also, we did use them.)

The snow stuck to the trees in crystals kind of like the frost I’ve only ever seen in Ireland. Only there was snow with it.

What Ireland looked like in 2009.

What Ireland looked like in 2009.

What Franconia Notch looked like last weekend

What Franconia Notch looked like last weekend

We snowshoed up a mountain that overlooked some ski trails where the people looked like slide-y ants, and then we snowshoed around a natural “flume” where there was a covered bridge and also a bunch of crazies climbing up the ice floes.

Crazies. I'm telling you.

Crazies. I’m telling you.

When we got to our hotel in Concord, New Hampshire, we were pretty tired, but we managed to make it through a very nice dinner at a local brew-pub. Then we got back to the hotel and . . . fell asleep. Hey. We’re married. We can do whatever we want whenever we want. And we had just been snowshoeing. It really takes it out of you. You should try it if you’re looking for low-impact cardiovascular exercise. Also, though? The beds in the Holiday Inn in Concord are amazing. That public service announcement is free. How often do you get to sleep for 10 straight hours? It was fantastic.

The next day, after a start, we discovered that Concord, NH, is very observant of Sundays/Sabbaths, which is something I hypothetically endorse, but it was kind of frustrating that I couldn’t actually go into any of the interesting shops on Main Street. Still, we managed to get decent coffee and a sufficient breakfast before starting back toward home, accompanied, of course, by Screwtape.

It was the perfect anniversary for us . . . mostly because it was for us. “A year ago,” said my Paul as I was waking up that Sunday morning, “I was laying out my suit.” It made me smile. A year ago that day, this happened. It’s been a good year. I’m ready for another one.




6 thoughts on “First Anniversary

  1. Happy (belated) Anniversary! 🙂 I just clicked over to see your wedding post– beautiful, love the dress and the hair! 😀 I’m glad you guys had such a great time! 🙂 Congratulations on year 1, and best wishes for the rest of forever. 😀

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