Saturday Snippets on Sunday

Well, there weren’t any yesterday. Today there are. Today it is also snowing again, and this seems like a perfect quiet-Sunday-afternoon activity.

First on the agenda is the slideshow of our Winter at the Beach Day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Next, if you’re into this kind of thing, you might want to know that I’ve posted some new Stories Evaluated by a Third Party. One of them is the sermon I presented in class last week, and the other two are papers I wrote in seminary the first time around. Even though that time I thought I was in to get a degree in counseling, because it was a seminary I needed to take some Bible courses. Fortunately, two of the professors were imaginative and able to think outside the box, and so I managed to convince both of them to let me turn my research papers into dramatic monologues. One is based on an Old Testament story, and the other is based on some of Jesus’ parables. There are worse ways to spend a snowy Sunday afternoon . . . and if your church was cancelled today, like Now Church was, well, now you can say you got some Bible input anyway.


What's your story?

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