How Very Inspiring

Today there should be a Memory Monday post, but apparently I can’t remember anything this evening, and anyway, for the second time in three days, I’ve been nominated for a blogging award. This one is the Very Inspiring Blogger award and I’m honoured to accept it, but even more excited about passing it along.


This came to me via the lovely Tazein Mirza Saad of Transcending Borders Blog, and I’d give it right back to her because her blog is inspiring, but I also would like to give some other people a shot at it, and since she just received it herself, I’m pretty sure she’ll understand. In order to accept my award (and in order for the bloggers below to accept theirs, they’ll have to do the same), I have to post the image, which you can see I’ve already done, tell you seven random things about myself and nominate 15 other people. Good thing a whole lot more of you started following my blog over the weekend so I can have more friends to choose from.

Seven things about me (I’ll try to throw in some memories, so we can make this a Memory Monday post after all):

1. I love spicy food. I used to have a friend who wasn’t happy unless his entire face was melting when he ate his Indian food, and I’m not quite that extreme–but just about.

2. I used to correspond with author Lloyd Alexander. I have recently cyber-met an author who has, in many ways, a similar writing style. Her name is Lindsay Llewellyn and you should probably read her novel, A Priest’s Tale. It’s very good.

3. My novel Trees in the Pavement is fictional, but some of the conversations in it actually happened with refugee children I knew in London. Read it and see if you can figure out which ones . . .

4. I was a nanny from mid-1994 to early 1996. I got the job because I made a sassy remark to my eventual charge’s father about his doubtless walking to school in Chicago as a child “barefoot, uphill both ways, through six feet of snow.”

5. I am a terrible dancer. I blame it on the fact that I didn’t even attempt dancing until I was in college, and that was only once, although I did go to clubs with my friends when I was that nanny. I never did anything illegal.

6. I used to want to buy a mansion in England (Downton Abbey would do) and take in orphans and/or homeless people. I drew up plans and everything.

7. I have a pretty short bucket list, but I still haven’t stayed in a yurt and ridden a wild horse in Mongolia. (Does it count as something “about me” if it’s something not about me?)

Here are the bloggers I would like, at this time, to nominate for this award. (Although I find most of the previously awarded blogs inspiring as well, I want to try to nominate different ones this time around. Spread the wealth, right?):

1. Chief of the Least

2. Jeff’s Deep Thoughts

3. Satis

4. The Guilty Conscience

5. Waltzing in Galoshes

6. Create, Write, Inspire

7. Adele Konyndyk

8. The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife

9. The Commonzense of Saint James

10. Writing Sisters

11. As It Unfolds . . .

12. Clotilda Jamcracker

13. Super-Fantastic Old-Time Blog-o-rama

14. Loud Time

15. Rohan 7 Things

This is a pretty ecclectic mix. There should be something here that you’ll like. Maybe a lot of things.


8 thoughts on “How Very Inspiring

    • NICE. Thanks so much! Now I feel guilty I didn’t nominate you for any of the other recent ones . . . and I’m running out of blogs to nominate. I guess I’d better start trolling the internet again or something . . . 🙂

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