Saturday Snippets #1

So my idea for these occasional posts is just to put up random thoughts or stories that happen throughout the week and don’t fit into any of my other posting categories. Enjoy.


Last week The Administrative Assistant and I splurged and bought takeaway Chinese food for lunch. I don’t know why they call those things “Fortune Cookies.”

photo by jennwith2ns 2013

Seems more like a Threat Cookie to me . . .


On Tuesday I had to call a business to sort out a few things, and the guy who answered the phone had all the inflections of one of those computerised voices. Not a recording, but one of those voices that emphasises syllables just slightly incorrectly. I thought I was talking to a machine until about halfway through the conversation. Later I thought, I should have known. Why would they give the computer an Indian-English accent? Later still, I thought, Why not?


You know those days (okay, hopefully you don’t) when you feel like a failure as a human being? And then you explain to someone why, and they’re like, oyeahthatwaslamejenn. And Here’s What You Should Have Done. When you’ve been spending the rest of your day telling yourself What You Should Have Done, already.


On the other hand, thank you, the Readership, for coming through last Theology Thursday! My blog views finally broke 100 in a day, which I don’t think they’ve done in a year, discussion got started, some of you commented who haven’t before, and there were more “likes” blog-wide than I’ve ever had before. I’m really thankful for all the interaction. Yay, you!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets #1

  1. Yeaayh! Congratulations! 🙂

    The computerized Indian-English accent guy story was pretty funny, I must say!

    We always know what we should have done when it’s too late. Thing is, it happens also to the one’s who moralize you later on. Making mistakes is just part of humanity.

    Enjoy the weekend, Jenn! 🙂

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