Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this public service announcement.

What. Is. UP, you guys! After months, if not a year, in the blogging wilderness with you faithfully (and hopefully not sullenly, but you never know, because I was probably a little sullen about blogging from time to time) tagging along, yesterday you all teamed up and showed up here at the same time and interacted and as if I wasn’t feeling chuffed enough about that, then this new member of The Readership, The Illustrious Rohan of Rohan7Things, nominated me for this (Sorry–I talk in run-on sentences when I get excited):

You can just hear the angelic-sounding chorus, can't you. Oh wait. Those are fireworks.

You can just hear the angelic-sounding chorus, can’t you? Oh wait. Those are fireworks. Sorry. Wrong soundtrack.

So that I may “officially” accept this award, I must fill in the sentence, “A great reader is . . . ”

I think we’re talking about blog readers here. Like you. Here’s my pithy answer:

A great reader is someone who talks back.

Here, because it’s not really all that characteristic of me to be pithy, is my more long-winded, full of qualifications, answer:

A great reader is someone who reads with an open mind, not just waiting to put their own two cents in the whole time (kind of like a great listener), but then does give their two cents when they’re done reading.

Yeah, that’s not very clear at all, is it? Well, maybe you can do better. Since this is a The Readership award, and it’s about being a wonderful team member, and since you are The Readership, I’d really like to give the award to all of you, but I guess it doesn’t work like that, so here are the people I’m nominating:

One Grain Amongst the Storm  – beautiful writing and thoughtful commenting.

Black and White Colors – I just met this chick yesterday, and she’s amazingly encouraging.

What the Faith??!!?? – He’s baaaack!

Food4ThoughtFood4Life – I used to know this guy in real life, too.

Rarasaur – She wins these things all the time, but that’s because she’s genuinely awesome.

Okay, peeps. Now you tell us. A great reader is . . . (Don’t forget to nominate a few others, while you’re at it.)



2 thoughts on “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

  1. Oh God! Oh God! That is all I can think Jenn! Don’t forget though I read your blog because it makes me pause and think. Many thanks for the acknowledgement and your exquisite writing.

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