Welcome to the Crazy World

I have a confession to make: because they live halfway across the country and I rarely see them, I kind of forgot that I was supposed to be wondering when the new little baby in the BroFam was going to make his first appearance. We don’t even get to skype that often, so it’s not like I’ve seen pregnant Sister-in-Lu all that much or anything. Today TheBro called me at work and said,

“So I have a little baby lying on my chest.”


This new little arrival doesn’t have a blog nickname yet, but he has an awesomely cool actual name . . . which TheBro probably doesn’t want me plastering on this here blog, so just take my word for it, okay?

Why do people say things like, “I’m an auntie again,” by the way? Or a grandma again, or whatever. When TWCN was born, I was all, “I have become an auntie!” But when Smiley Guy was born, I wasn’t like, “I have become an auntie again!” Because I was still an auntie from the last time. I don’t get the “again” thing because it’s not like I stopped being an auntie at some point in the meantime. But I could be persuaded to say I’m now extra-auntie, having a niece and two nephews. So I wrote on Facebook, “Auntie times 3! Welcome to the crazy world, [Little Guy]!”

Today I was going to blog (belatedly) about the fact that I arrived at the seminary dinner last week with my sketchily packaged cornbread, only to discover that the contest was off because of lack of participation. Except for one lady who bought baked beans and so won one of the prizes by default. (She might have won anyway, though. Those were some good baked beans.) Presumably I could also have entered my corn bread and won a prize, too, but . . . you know. I tucked the cornbread away in a corner, took it home after class (which was . . . astonishingly fun), and ate some for breakfast. Then Alicia came over and liked it so much she took the rest of it home with her.

I was going to write about that. But the New Nephew is way better.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Crazy World

  1. Nicely said, Jenn with 2 n..s. A wonderful respite, enjoying new birth, as opposed to the hectic confusion in a day. Blessings! Marylou

  2. So you’re even calling out other people’s grammar mistakes in happy events? I knew I liked you. Congratulations on your new family member and the notion that you would have won the contest had you entered. And it’s a good thing you liked class.

    • Haha! Thanks.

      I guess I don’t feel like that’s a GRAMMAR mistake, exactly. I just find the expression sort of a baffling concept.

      Yes. It IS a good thing I like class . . . since it seems poised to take over my life . . .

      • Shirley we’re talking about grandma mistakes?

        Why do people say things like, “I’m an auntie again,” by the way?

        That feels somewhat rhetorical, but I’ll offer my tuppence. it’s because:
        1) from time immemorial we have celebrated the arrival of newcomers to the brood, and so now the urge to accentuate our worth through fertility by association is ingrained in our psyches
        2) we haven’t quite yet reached the point where we will come to realise that the addition of another member of homo fatuus brutus is actually detrimental to the survival of the species. If and when that day comes, perhaps the membership of VHEMT will soar…

      • Thanks for the tuppence (and welcome to the blog), Pendantry! I’m so used to people treating my questions rhetorically (by which I mean ignoring them) that I guess that’s the kind of question I ask now. Thanks for pushing through the rhetoricality and chiming in. (Also? I might be passive aggressive.)

        I suspect pence #1 is correct. As for the second pence (wait–I mean penny, don’t I?), well, I take exception to the idea that the arrival of my new nephew is anything but cause for joy, but I’m moderately familiar with the perspective. And I’m so stoked to have a new comment that I’ll let it go . . . 🙂

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