Writing In

So today? I discovered something completely awesome.

NaNoWriMo Write-Ins.

It didn’t even matter that I was the only one “writing in” at the Location in Question during the two to three hours I was there. It didn’t matter that the chairs were hard or that they and the wobbly folding tables were set up kind of like an in-home small-group Bible study. It didn’t matter that the water they brought me from Dunkin Donuts for my tea was only tepid (it was because it was Dunkin Donuts . . . but it didn’t matter).

Here’s what was awesome about it:

Well, okay first of all? They bought us coffee. True, it was Dunkin Donuts coffee and the only “us” that was in there was me and I was drinking tea, but I mean, I was about to park myself at a business for two and a half hours and not even spend any money there, so the fact that they were providing this and were so solicitous about it (“I’m sorry, is your tea water hot enough?” “Are these varieties of tea okay, or do you want us to go out and buy something else?”) that it was somehow simultaneously endearing and impressive.

The Location in Question is in a local bookshop in a plaza only about two miles away from my house. As in, I could walk there if I really wanted to. (It’s starting to get a little cold, and walking would take up a lot of word-count writing time, but still, I could. If I wanted to.) I have driven past this plaza and this bookshop multiple times and never stopped there, but now I realise I have just discovered another one of Our Fair City’s hidden treasures. This shop mostly stocks and trades used books, but there are a lot of great ones in there. They also have a copious children’s book section. The tables and chairs and electrical surge-protector cord for the Write In were set up in the room with the illustrated picture books. It was pretty distracting and when I first sat down I wondered how I was going to get any writing done when I was so tempted to take books off the shelves and start reading instead, but it was still part of the awesomeness. If you’re going to have NaNoWriMo distractions, they should definitely come in the form of children’s literature, don’t you think?

photo by Jennwith2ns 2012

I was surrounded . . . by illustrated book-y goodness.

This shop also stocks books by local authors. The woman at the helm seemed a little surprised that I would offer to bring in a book that published as long ago as 2008, but let’s be honest–if no one’s ever heard of it, it might as well have come out last month, right? They have author readings and signings and I told her I had just done a reading at the Local Coffee Shop last Saturday. I feel like doing a reading in an actual bookshop might be a little easier on the psyche. We’ll have to see what transpires.

Furthermore, it appears that everyone who works in the shop is a Whovian, as evidenced by the wearing of Dr Who shirts by the staff as if they were a uniform, and the various Dr Who kitsch and paraphernalia hovering for sale around the front counter. Besides the presence of sympathetic sci-fi geeks, another asset to Writing In at the bookshop is that I intentionally did NOT ask for their wifi password. Lack of internet access plus really uncomfy chairs equals actual productivity, evidently. This place holds Write Ins on my day off for the rest of the month, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to be cultivating a dependency on tepid green/ginseng tea, catching up on my word count, and probably eventually buying a Dr Who mug (from which to drink the green/ginseng tea, if nothing else) for the rest of the month. See? I told you it was awesome.


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