Drum Roll, Please

Hey! It’s Hallowe’en, but I’m a Hallowe’en grinch, so that’s all I’ve got to say about that, I’m afraid.

I love how, having confessed I’m not a fan of doing my own PR, my daily blog hits have plummeted to single digits, as if to say, “Well, fine, then. Be a hermit!” All the same, tomorrow’s a kind of big day for me.

First of all, there’s that guest post at Antler coming up tomorrow. I’ll link you to it as soon as it’s up. And then, of course, tomorrow also starts NaNoWriMo. Which brings us to the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

That’s a Jenn Story’s First Ever Giveaway WINNER!

Probably purely according to probability by sheer volume, the winner is Jessi, of comment-fame. Here’s the idea of (many of) hers that I am going to attempt to novelise:

You wake up and there are two of you. There is no explanation. It boggles science, raises interesting moral issues. It is impossible to tell the real you from the duplicate.

photo by Jennwith2ns: 2008

St Paul’s cathedral, London

I’ve been thinking about this idea for three weeks straight and I’m still not sure quite how I’m going to attack it, but the fact that it has been batting around in my head for that long makes me think I at least need to try. Unexpectedly, however, there is a second winner, because I’m quite sure this is going to factor into the above story in some way: Alotteyouusedtoknow–whose name, I’m pretty sure, is really just Lotte. Her idea runs thus:

The novel I would love to read from you would be ( and this is a little vague), one that discusses the idea ‘you can never go home’. So a capable independent woman has lived abroad for several years and for whatever reason is heading home to her to live with/near her family once again. I think the concept of re-entering your own culture is fascinating. As is the propensity of grown adults to revert to adolescence in the prolonged presence of their parents. ( I know I am capable of this). So clearly this isn’t a massively plot driven novel. Lol. But still its one I would like to read.

I’m not promising that this story is going to turn out the way either of these two women have envisioned, but I’m happy to announce their “winnership.” So now, Lotte and Jessi–time to contact me to discuss prizes and delivery. The following email address works nicely: jenn@thatsajennstory.com. But I’m pretty sure we can also just chat on facebook.

The first two thousand words, coming right up . . . tomorrow.


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