Stuff I Should’ve Thought Of Mentioning

Hey–if you’re new here because I’ve been tweeting it up like . . . I dunno . . . like someone who actually knows how to use Twitter, maybe–welcome! Newbies and Oldies alike, I just updated the “What’s a Jenn Story?” (i.e. “About”) page. Check it. It even has a photo.

After I posted

That’s a Jenn Story’s first! ever! giveaway contest!

yesterday, it probably went without saying, but yet I probably should have said anyway, that if you have a story idea that you’re thinking of writing–you’d best not give it to me. Because it would figure that that would be the one that I would choose. Also, mayhap (although probably not) you are already the proud owner of Trees in the Pavement (who wouldn’t be?) and that doesn’t seem like a very exciting incentive therefore. I could say, well, you should just bask in the honour of

Contest: to come up with a story idea for me to write during NaNoWriMo!

the fact that I chose your story idea, but in case that doesn’t cut it for you either, we might be able to arrange a deal for you to receive something else. Talk to me.

ALSO. I know those of you who are already playing along are just hoping that not too many people will join in because you are just dying to receive your copy of Trees in the Pavement (or that other thing), but I was really kind of hoping that this contest would kick off some extra interaction around here, and not fizzle like an under-attended Youth Group event, so can you do me a favour and pass on the word? People don’t have to know me to play along. And if you’re holding back the ideas you don’t intend to write yourself because you don’t want to do my work for me? Well, I get that, actually. But I still have to write 50,000 words about it. That’s not nothing.

The great thing about this contest (in my opinion) is that you can air out all your half-baked ideas as well as any serious ones, and watch someone else try to wrestle it into a story. What’s not to love? Try it. You may find that, like one contestant who posted on the That’s a Jenn Story facebook page, “This is fun :)”.


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