Guys! I just found out what genre Favored One is!

It’s called “spiritual fiction.” At least, I’m pretty sure my book is what the small new alternative publishing house I found out about via some strange Authonomy/Twitter web of connexions, meant when they said they didn’t want genre fiction, including “spiritual fiction.” Actually, what they said was, “This means that unless exceptional circumstances or quality apply, we are not publishing horror, westerns, science-fiction, crime and mysteries, police procedurals, fantasy, supernatural, spiritual fiction, chick/mum/lad-lit etc.”

I’m embarrassed to say I’m not sure what else there is, besides memoir, but anyway, I guess that rules Favored One out. Too bad, because they sounded kind of cool. Although, they also say, “We do clearly reserve the right to change our minds on this of course if we are bowled over by something which arguably falls into one of these categories.”

So now my question isn’t, “What genre is Favored One?” It’s, just out of curiosity (because really, what do I know about these people?), “Could Favored One bowl them over? Is it an exceptional circumstance of quality?” And furthermore, are they really trying to deter genre fiction writers from submitting? Because it seems like they could be a little more adamant about it if so. Everybody thinks they are an exceptional circumstance of quality, deep down, don’t they?

The restrictions kind of remind me of the arts festival out in Boondocks, New England, whose website says something like, “Dogs aren’t allowed, unless you really couldn’t come to the festival unless you brought yours, in which case, we sure wouldn’t want you to leave them in your hot car, so just clean up after them, okay?” Then, when you bring your dog, they hand you a little plastic bag at the entrance where you buy your tickets. (How do I know this?)

So, I guess I’m not convinced this publisher would think any spiritual fiction was of high enough quality for which to bend their rules, but maybe one day, after I’ve found out a little bit more about them, I’ll throw them a pitch and see what happens. They’re British, like my other publishers, and small, and so maybe what’s the difference? But I might still check it out. Hey, at least they cleared up what genre to call my genre fiction now.

2 thoughts on “Genre

  1. Oh Laser! I got really excited at the beginning of this post that you’d found a publisher who ONLY wanted spiritual fiction, but alas. I’m glad you found a label, though. Do you feel appropriately boxed? Not to muddy the waters, but isn’t it still spiritual-historical fiction?

    • Yes, and yes. 🙂 I had a friend comment on this post on Facebook who said I could take some poetic license and call it biography. I said I could take extra poetic license and call it fictionalised autobiography. Since it’s me imagining what I would have done, had I been Mary. Or maybe I could call it spiritual historical fictionalized autobiography… 🙂

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