I’m sitting in the book shop which looks like a hardware store and listening to the proprietress rant to one of her employees about technology.

Her employee, an older, grandmotherly woman, said something about how she never wants to get a Kindle, and that’s what set the Proprietress off, I guess. She said that e-readers are putting bookshops out of business, and talked about how people walk into this very shop, browse around to find what they like, purchase it on their e-reader, and walk out. She told this story with disgust and understated outrage, and I can’t say I blame her.

But I got a Nexus 7 for my birthday (so did blogging buddy Natasha), and I really really like it. I’m reading Treasure Island because it was already loaded on there and because it occurs to me that as a former student of English Literature, it’s pretty pathetic that I’ve never read it before. But if I had the whole 300+ page tome, I probably wouldn’t have brought it to Camp with me, is all I’m saying. Also, I’d have no place to put it. When I married and subsequently moved in with my Paul, I came with a beautiful bookshelf made by my parents, and I proceeded to cram it with all the beautiful books I possessed, but they didn’t all fit, so I had to get rid of a bunch of them, and I couldn’t get rid of some of them, so they’re lying in random, more-or-less contained piles in random, more-or-less contained places in our already overfull Cottage.

But guys! With a Nexus 7, I never have to worry about bookshelf space again! Also, technically I don’t have to get rid of any more of the books I already have. But I do kind of feel sad about the death of book shops. Even the big chain ones. (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?) And faux-leather tablet-cases still don’t really beat the feel of a book.

The bookshop Proprietress next began ranting about technology in general, and how it’s messing with our genetics and DNA, and I don’t know anything about that really, but I wouldn’t put it past it. It sounds scary and bad and made me want to go sit outside in my garden for a few days. I just thought I’d use her free wifi to tell you, is all . . .



5 thoughts on “Conflicted

  1. Well, in all seriousness, one thing to consider is that books don’t break as easily as eReaders. Also, you don’t have to recharge books like you do eReaders. Sure, they’re convenient and I’ll probably get one someday, too, but I think I’ll also try to always get a physical copy for when the inevitable occurs. (Maybe not as dramatic as this, but everything eventually breaks)

  2. I like both…my Kindle Fire is awesome at night when I don’t want to wake Phil or am staying somewhere that doesn’t have good reading lights since I need them now at my age…I like the classics which are free on Kindle..However, for a giant book, I need to hold it and refer back to characters when I’ve forgotten who is who..Also Kindle fire doesn’t work with sun or sun glasses. But, my Bible is much easier to tote on the fire…Then again, I can find some references faster in my Big Bible…Then again, I can play angry birds in church if the sermon is really long…or check FB which could be a good or bad

  3. You got Treasure Island? Over here we got a crappy Jeffrey Archer book pre-loaded. No fair!

    I’m loving my Nexus too, but I have to say I’m still carrying a book around with me too. What if I run out of battery?! I’m finding it really useful for novel editing on the go, though.

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