Summertime, and the Living is . . . Busy?

So remember that time I said I would cease neglecting this blog and The Readership because of new friends? Well, I stand by that commitment. You might, however, have a little competition from this:

The garden is difficult to stop looking at, but also is a lot of work (though my Paul does more of that than I do).

And this:

Sunset cruises most evenings . . .

And these guys (there’s so much more time to do fun things with the Youth Group in the summer!):

The mother of some of the youth group girls got married last weekend.

Youth Group post-beach ice cream

And this guy:

By “this guy” I mean the actual guy, and not, in some strange use of language, the excessive cask behind us. Although if I meant that, I can see how that might keep me from writing anything, too.

Unfortunately for “this guy,” “these guys” kind of rule my schedule in the summer time. A week from today I will be driving three teen girls down to Charlotte, North Carolina for an interchurch conference down there. I may have mentioned this before, but those bits in the Old Testament where God tells husbands not to go off to war for a year after they get married so they can “make their wives happy” is pretty darn good advice. It’s not like I’m going off to war or anything, but I do think it’s a bit of a shame modern culture doesn’t make such allowances in jobs and other responsibilities.

The thing is, if even my new husband isn’t going to see me much for the next few weeks, I’m really not sure I can guarantee regular postings over here. But you understand, right? And when we all come back from our summers, you’ll bring your friends as well?


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