The End of the Beginning

photo by TheBro 2012

TWCN has a big sister shirt, too. She got it from her Auntie Jenn the first time.

The BroFam was in town again last week. Partly, it was their vacation. Partly, they picked this specific time because of the last of the three wedding receptions Paul and I threw–this one for the family and friends who didn’t fit the parameters of the first two: 1. immediate family and 2. Now Church people. We had a big picnic on a we-couldn’t-have-asked-for-a-more-perfect day in one of our favourite hiking spots, and had a great time visiting with our guests. Kind of overestimated the necessary meat and bread, though.

It’s too bad we didn’t figure that out before the end, because we could have re-enacted a Jesus-parable by inviting the veterans in Our Fair City to the party, too. As it was, we just packed up the leftovers and I drove them over to the Veteran’s Shelter. Their faces said, “Yathink?” when I told them my husband and I had had a party and overbought a little, but they whisked it away soon enough and seemed pretty delighted to incorporate it into the dinner they were already serving. That drop-off ended up being one of my favourite parts of the day, actually.

But so anyway. The BroFam was in town: TheBro, Sister-in-Lu, TWCN, Smiley-Guy, and . . . wait, what?

Smiley-Guy was wearing a t-shirt when we saw him that first Friday night which said, “I’m a big brother.” Wait, what?

TheBro and Sister-in-Lu make pretty sweet kids and I’m stoked. Can’t wait to meet the next one. But as we were falling asleep after hearing the news, my Paul said drowsily, “Your brother’s gonna have another kid.” And I said, “It’s gonna have to be a boy. Because if it’s a girl, I’m going to have to change TWCN’s blog nickname.” Smiley is not a superlative. The World’s Cutest? Kinda is.

I guess I’d probably better start thinking about an alternative, just in case. Suggestions?

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