Seminary, Interrupted

Last post, I mentioned that if and when I begin taking courses in the autumn, it will be my third attempt at a Master’s degree–and seminary, specifically. The first shot was in 2003, and I thought I was going to get a degree in Counseling, but it was a wretched fit.

Before the first attempt at Seminary, I worked in a place where I dressed like this. So . . . maybe that explains the “bad fit” thing.

Then in 2006 or something, my ideas about women in ministry altered drastically, almost overnight and certainly unbidden. A few years later, I enrolled in seminary to get a Master’s of Divinity. If you’ve been around the Jenn Stories for a while, you’ll remember some of my posts about this–actually in the old blog, too. I took a number of courses on-line, but then used up my on-line allotment, and continuing to attend my original seminary of choice was going to involve a two-hour one-way commute. Plus, then I started dating my Paul. I took a couple of semesters off, and looked at a few other institutions to see about going somewhere that could offer me more financial aid, and then opted for one that probably can’t, but which does offer classes in our own town, and with a schedule tailored to people already working/ministering full-time. For some reason, however, it took a ridiculously long time to get all the bits and pieces of the application together, and then to find out whether I was accepted or not, and then to get the acceptance materials.

All of this starting and stopping has made me really quite ambivalent again about schooling, especially now as I contemplate the possibility of self-publishing. What if I postpone courses yet again and start up in January or so? If I did that, I could possibly afford a lower-tier publishing plan with a press like Abbott, Writer’s Digest’s self-publishing arm. But then it just drags the entire educational process out further and further. And so I am applying for federal financial aid. Within the next week or so, I guess I will enroll in my first two classes in this particular institution. I’ve decided not to Kickstart the publication of my book. So maybe that means I’ve decided on traditional publishing? But I don’t think so. I’m just wondering how this will play out next.

If this were you, what would you do?

2 thoughts on “Seminary, Interrupted

  1. I would not take out a student loan… but that is a loooonnnnggg story. I will never borrow money again. If your interested in the rest of the story message me ;-).

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