Odds and Ends

1. What the heck? Where did my “Pages” go? Do you see them in that top bar that looks like a strip of paper under my blog heading? Because I don’t. I deleted one when I decided to put my books in image-form in the sidebar. But that shouldn’t have made them all disappear, should it? I feel like I am constantly making magic tricks happen which I never intended to enact. I’d like to be able to post chapters of Favored One on Authonomy, too, but for some reason it thinks that my .docx files are an unacceptable file type–even though it says they’re acceptable indeed.

2. It’s really really hot outside.

3. Although the faithful few keep “liking” my posts (thanks, guys), my Readership seems to be dwindling drastically. This seems generally disappointing, and also kind of bad timing when I’m hoping maybe I’ll get another book published in the next year or so. I mean, I guess I had it in my head that you’d read it. Please tell me the rest of you are all on vacation?

4. I started filling in a FAFSA on-line. I don’t even remember what that acronym stands for. No one ever says it out. It’s an application for federal student aid–in the case of graduate students like me, loans exclusively. What I do know is most people pronounce it “FAS-FA” instead of “FAF-SA.” It’s harder to say the first way, to begin with, and also, it’s wrong. Therefore, it kind of drives me crazy. Because silly things like that drive me crazy. I know. I have issues.

5. If and when I start classes in the autumn, it will be my third attempt at seminary. We are going to discuss this anon, I think.

6. My sunglasses are so dirty, they probably wouldn’t even need tinting to keep the UV out.

5 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. I will admit I haven’t been reading lately. It is probably because my life has gone downhill and it happened fast, laid off, and have to move in less than 2wks with little money and no place to go. I will try to remember to read more since they do make me smile, and I do need that right now.

    • Oh Karen–so sorry to hear this. Also sorry I didn’t get back to you on your publishing question. If you DO manage to get caught up on the previous posts, you’ll see I don’t have much of an answer, unfortunately. But he might try googling Authonomy and joining that site.

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