Hearing Voices

Uncle Phil’s beloved’s book

Within the last two days I’ve written two blogposts which cannot be posted. One is simply pending one of its subjects’ go-ahead, and the delay is about timing. The other is one of those that’s just not fair to post on a “nonymous” (opposite of “anonymous,” right?) blog, but which I needed to write for my own sanity. Neither of those do you any good, though, if you came over here looking for reading material.

So here’s this: reading material and more reading material. Uncle Phil has a beloved, whom I’ve met once but don’t really know at all. Evidently she’s multifaceted–artist, therapist, writer, mother, etc–and she’s just come out with a book. Which I received in the mail from Uncle Phil yesterday. I read it all at once. Well, it’s not very long, but still. It’s a series of dramatic readings based on stories in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, and meant to be read over blues music. It’s called, not coincidentally, Jezebel’s Got the Blues. Evidently it’s going to be performed in New York City this summer, which is cool, and if summers weren’t so absurdly hectic for me, I’d try to get down there and see it and drag my Paul with me. But they are, so . . . I’ve got the book, I guess. The mono/dialogues are spoken from the point of view of Biblical characters, but more often of personified objects in the Biblical stories. Like the rouge on Jezebel’s cheeks, for example. Or the mark of Cain or the harp of David (those two were my favourites). I’m a fan, and I know this because, as I said, I’ve read it all, already.

It’s not quite the same as, but somewhat similar to, what I used to do in London when I put myself in the shoes of a Biblical character and wrote a short vignette about a Bible story from that character’s point of view. It’s just that my characters were always people, and most of Uncle Phil’s beloved’s aren’t. It’s also kind of like the extended experiment I performed on the Gospels to write Favored One, which, as you know, is a difficult-to-classify novel about Miryam, mother of Yeshua. That one that you’re going to buy after I figure out if I’m going to self-publish it or if someone else is. Right? (*Smarmy grin.*)

Anyway, I was kind of thinking that maybe I’d once a week post one of those old vignettes. Keep in mind that I wrote them when I was about fifteen years younger than I am now, but if you’re trying to understand what I’m talking about regarding the whole fictionalising-a-Bible-story thing, well, check it out. First one? Will be the next post. Mostly because it took me way too long to lead into this.

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