Grumpy Tuesday

Yesterday I realised to my delight that ever since my Paul and I said I do to each other in front of a whole bunch of people, my migraine suffering has gone down considerably. Then I got a migraine. Which I might have been able to sleep off last night, had I not woken at midnight and then been unable to fall back to sleep for over an hour while I hashed something round and round my head to no purpose.

I am pretty sure I need one of these.

So I stayed in bed late and went to work later, and then later still I went to run a work-related errand. Said errand took . . . well, I would say forever, except here I am, writing a blogpost, so we all know that’s not true. But it did take a long time. Then I came back here and did some stuff and now I’m waiting until an upcoming meeting and in the meantime, I decided to try to follow one of the friendly WordPress Tech Support folks’ instructions on creating a blogroll in my sidebar.

Thing is, I think that some of us who are particularly technologically inept are quite beyond the comprehension of even the most down-to-earth techie, so when the one presently in question simply said, “Use the Links Widget” and linked me to the instructions, it still didn’t help me. I’ve tried that before. I’m not that dumb. (Right?)

Somebody else help? Why, when I try to add a blogroll to my blog, do I never find, within said Links Widget, a place actually to put my links? So I end up with all sorts of WordPress links in there instead, which are all very friendly and helpful, I’m sure, but which I never access (maybe I would know everything about WordPress if I did) and which I don’t care to add to the side of my blog? What am I missing?

Besides, as it turns out, every WordPress blog I’ve ever subscribed to? I discovered this when I was searching for links to plug into random blanks in the Links Widget, just in case it worked. I guess it’s probably because I changed the private email address connected to this blog (on account of the creepy spam of last week), and all my subscriptions were connected to the old one. I am pretty sure I am never going to remember all the blogs to which I was subscribed. (Since I don’t have a working blogroll and stuff.) So if you wouldn’t mind posting a comment if I used to be subscribed to yours (or you wish I were), so I can find it again and sign back up, that would do a lot to cheer up my Tuesday.

Hope yours is already cheery! Someone’s should be.

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