God’s Family Album

That’s what Miss Fran named the musical she and Mr. Patrice and I agreed we’d coach the children to do this spring. It was titled before there was even a script. She was going to pick out the songs. I was going to write the spoken script. Mr. Patrice was going to direct. Mr Tim and I were going to play the two adult roles. The kids were going to do everything else.

Turns out the kids were better at their part than the adults were at theirs. Adults seem to need so many more words and so much more understanding to accomplish things. Kids just need a little herding. Well, maybe it’s not quite as simple as that, but in the end, it kind of seemed like it. They sang some of their best songs in the early morning church service on June 3rd, and did the entire musical in the service right after that, and people are still raving about it. Even though, by the final rehearsal, I was ready to say, “Never again,” it sounds like next year we’re going to be doing exactly that: again.

Probably not exactly the same musical, though. Which is why I’ve decided to post the script under my “Stories Evaluated by a Third Party” page. (You’ll see it in the drop-down menu.) It’s not as good as seeing and hearing the kids themselves, but you’ll get the general idea.


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