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Just look what happens when you get started . . .

At the beginning of the week I had serious intentions of becoming all Professional-Bloggy and committing myself to specific themes on specific days. Except for Sundays, I didn’t really have a plan–I was just going to write stuff and then whatever I happened to write about that day was going to be the thing I wrote about every time I wrote a blog post on that day.

So then . . . according to this week . . . that means Monday would be Mundane Monday, where I write about random little life-happenings, like creepy spam, or, say, hooking up a new dryer like an Mission Impossible agent. (That post never did get enough hits, and I personally thought it was hilarious, so you should go check it out.) Then Tuesday could be the day I write about writing, and, given the beginning of this post right here, Wednesday could be the day I blog about blogging. (There’s a difference. Clearly.)

Thursdays could be The Dog Days–because I have a doggie story to share with you tomorrow maybe–if I still feel like it by then. Fridays could be some hilarious and/or adorable recounting of some little marital mishap in the newlywed lives of Jennwith2ns and my Paul (always told with my Paul’s express permission, of course). Saturdays could be a break, and then Sundays–well, I’ll tell you about my idea for Sundays some other time.

But come on. Let’s face it. Am I ever going to do any of that? Committing to a schedule like the above would commit me to blogging every day (except Saturdays), and–well, did you notice last month? Last month I just really didn’t have much to say. I know when bloggers feature certain topics at certain predictable points, they have bigger Readerships and you can actually pin them down and say, “This blogger blogs about such-and-such.” Whereas all I’ve got are Jenn Stories which, as we know from Urban Dictionary, are not always particularly compelling and as we know from this blog, are almost always pretty random, really. Besides all that, I have a sneaking suspicion this new-found desire to start organising my blog is just symptomatic of my tendency to procrastinate and not do anything about my poor neglected novel and the quotations therein.

Blogging buddy Daniel Mitchell and his wife are contemplating changing up their blog a little, too. They recently asked readers to vote on the types of posts they write. That’s so gracious of them. I wish I were that gracious. But evidently I’m not. This blog is not that democratic. So I guess I merely tell you all this, not to announce a restructuring of the blog, or even to ask you if you think I should restructure the blog, but just to tell you I thought about it, and . . . plan to leave things exactly the same.

(On the other hand . . . I do kind of care what people think. Do you think I should restructure my blog? Oh man. Why did I even bring it up?)

8 thoughts on “Restructuring

  1. Jenn, seriously…. you can not restructure this blog, what would people think, what about the mass confusion carelessly thrown upon your readership? People would come here, pause a few minutes and leave again thinking they had somehow stumbled upon another Jenn’s blog! Think of the traumatic events that will unfold in the digital realm. Please for the sake of blog-kind do not restructure, let the Jennn’s with three Ns do that 🙂

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