Rough-Cut Carrots

The Readership. Here’s hoping you’re all chefs (and kind of not-hoping the same thing, because if you are I’m sure to feel really stupid), because I have a carrot problem.

No, I don’t mean I can’t stop eating carrots, although that would probably be a good problem to have. As opposed to not being able to stop eating this giant cookie I got as a party favour at a baby shower on Sunday. Which I’m not able to stop eating–the cookie, not the shower. Or the baby. (I don’t even have a sweet tooth, to speak of. But this cookie tastes really lovely with afternoon tea . . . )

On Easter Sunday, my Paul’s Siblings (the local ones, anyway) came over for Easter dinner and it was my task (well, one of them, but honestly, I really didn’t have to work too hard) to make glazed carrots. Glazing them was not the problem. Slicing them was the problem. Slicing them is always the problem. It must be admitted that our knives are not the best, but there have been times in my life when I’ve had much, much better knives, and I still find it impossible to make a smooth cut in an uncooked carrot. It’s not such a problem if the carrot is going to be glazed, because the surface area kind of smooths out, and I guess if I were going for a rustic, dinner-in-the-garden kind of look, that would be okay, too. But if I want thin carrot slices instead of chunks, or if I’m planning on serving the carrots raw, in a salad or something, I’m completely helpless. This is what I get every time:

Don't they look so lovely and healthy and . . . rustic . . . though?

Any tips? Because I love rustic. You know I do. But refined is nice once in a while, too.


7 thoughts on “Rough-Cut Carrots

  1. Haha, sorry, I’m not sure I have anything helpful to say, but this post made me chuckle. Are you using a big knife or a small knife? It’s not anything I’ve spent hours thinking about, but I’m pretty sure I just use a big sharp knife and sort of pivot it on its tip, moving the carrot along rather than the knife.

    • Big knife, but not particularly sharp. I think I may have tried the pivot thing, but it is entirely possible I’m just not coordinated ever to succeed at this activity.

      Glad the post made you grin. That was pretty much the, er, point . . .

  2. A madolin works or I have a special cutter that makes crinkly edges that is quite nice. But a good knife will do the trick, a very sharp one.

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