We’re Talkin’ ‘Bout Good Fixations

Good, good, good . . . good fixations.

Well, not necessarily, I suppose, but I needed a title and apparently the Beach Boys were right there.

Just when you would’ve thought I couldn’t have got more self-obsessed via the whole blogging thing, since WordPress lets you see things like the number of hits your blog has had on a given day, they ramped it up.

Now you can also see what countries people are reading your blog in. As a former modern nomad of sorts, this fascinates me. Now, instead of just trying to find out how many people have wasted five minutes of their precious lives over here, I am also constantly checking to see if those people share my same continent. For a while, they were Beta-testing this or whatever they were doing, and every time I went to my stats page, it would say something like, “Soon stats will automatically show up on your home page, with 100% more country stats. Click here to see what this looks like.” And I would think, “I’m not a facebook change-hater! Why do I have to keep pressing a button to see 100% more country stats? Stop telling me about it and just put them there already!”Part of why I like this, besides that it makes me feel like an internationally-read author, is that I do know people from quite an extensive number of countries; I like to see if I can guess if I know the person from the countries that are highlighted or not. For example, I already know I have a friend in Israel who reads my blog. Actually, we’re friends because she reads my blogs, if you want to know the truth of it. She became in-person friends with TheBro and Sister-in-Lu when they lived in Jerusalem briefly, because she reads my blogs.(I still have never met her, alas.) Anyway, when I look below the little map and see “Israel . . . 1,” I know that K has read my latest post. But what if it says “Israel . . . 4”? Are those people that K knows? Or are they people that just randomly stumbled across this morass of meandering musings?

Or what about the countries where I used to know people? I used to know someone who lived in Bosnia. Today, someone from Bosnia read something on my blog. But my friend who used to live there? Now lives in the UK. It’s all very mysterious.I’m sure none of this fascinates anybody as much as it does me, but that’s okay, because I’m the only one who gets to see my stats anyway. Except for right now.

Can you tell I just learned how to take a screen shot?

Yesterday was a good day. Look how many countries lit up! And Chile! I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone from Chile.

But here’s something else I’m wondering about. Is there some sort of blog-hit Bermuda triangle? Because I could have sworn–sworn, I tell you, that before yesterday, there were 216 “views on my busiest day,” not 212. Where did those four people go? How can you lose blog hits? I realise I have no way to prove that that little spot right there used to say “216.” I was also convinced as a child that one day the hands on the little two dimensional plastic clock in my Raggedy-Ann and -Andy Colorforms set, moved. Laugh all you want, though. Someone’s stealing blog-stats.

Besides Who is it? what I want to know is:

Do you blog? Are you as obsessed with your stats as I evidently am?

Where are you reading this blog from? And do we know each other?


12 thoughts on “We’re Talkin’ ‘Bout Good Fixations

  1. The Netherlands Reporting in. I don’t personally know you and we’ve only just began reading slash blogging together (in a way) -but- may the future be bright and sunny and shine on the both of us! ^^

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