This is a blog by a couple I just cyber-met, which I’m completely enthralled by already. Warning to those with verbal censors/sensors: some not-G-Rated language here. But this post is funny and completely says what I was trying to say to someone from church this week already. Also, it’s a good filler while I gear up to talk about why it matters whether Jesus was alive or not.

Yesterday, after work, I did something awesome. I volunteered at a kitchen that feeds the homeless. On the first Thursday of every month, Hillside Church volunteers at the Union Gospel Mission, which is just down the block from the church. Some friends from church were there, and I met some new people, saw some adorable kids, and helped feed people who needed that meal.

This was especially poignant to me because I’ve been there. After my youngest son was born, my wife was unable to find work, and we were forced to get boxes of food from a local charity to get by. One year, for Christmas, my family was chosen by one of those holiday charities that give presents to a family in need. It was the only reason my kids had presents that year. While I have never been homeless, I have been pretty damn close to it…

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