Blessings in Disguise

This morning I got up with a Breakfast Strategy. Usually I scarf something down with my coffee and it’s relatively healthy but not particularly Thought Out, and I’m feeling famished again by 10.30 a.m. At which point I scrounge around the church to see if there are any leftover bits of cake from the previous Sunday’s coffee-fellowship hour. (There usually are. Whether or not they’re actually still tasty is another question entirely.)

Today, though? Breakfast was, in effect, going to have to last me until almost dinner tomorrow, so I wanted it to have some staying power. With this in mind, I poured myself a significant bowl of muesli and grabbed a Greek yoghurt out of the fridge. Most cereals don’t “stay with me” much longer than half an hour, but muesli, that old-fashioned European melange of oaty, nutty, seedy goodness, does pretty well for me, particularly when paired with yoghurt. Then, right before I headed over to church for our 30-Hour Famine, I made, at my Paul’s suggestion, a nice whey-protein chocolate shake. With a banana.

The result is that it’s noon and I still feel full. Totally doing that again when we actually do the 30-Hour Famine. Which is not, it turns out, going to be today. Today only two teens showed up. Out of the nine who originally committed. I could, here, go into a rant about the lack of commitment (the lack of evencomprehending commitment) among today’s youth, but I’m not going to (except for that snarky little parenthetical aside). Instead I’m going to say that . . . it might all be for the better after all.

Last year, as I mentioned yesterday, we did this for-the-benefit-of-other-people fundraiser over Easter weekend and it seemed spiritually significant to a lot of us and also we raised over $1200 for the hungry. Which, for six kids and a few adults in a not overly ritzy part of Our Fair City is not too shabby.

This year, I think we might have been lucky if our numbers had reached $300. In comparison, such an amount is a little disheartening, and maybe therefore self-sacrificially demotivating. But here’s the up-side: nobody else does the 30-Hour Famine over Easter weekend. The official dates are in February and the last weekend in April. And guess what? The last weekend in April hasn’t happened yet!

So we have postponed it. We will jump on the World Vision bandwagon and hold our “Famine” when we’re “supposed” to have it, and we will have three more weeks to raise money, and that many more weeks ideally to drum up some more actual involvement from our teens. Because they did make a commitment. And maybe this is a way to help teach us all something about what that means.



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