A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven?

Well, that’s what Qoheleth (whom some think King Solomon and others decidedly don’t) said, in the book that has come to be known as Ecclesiastes.

He couldn’t have included “a time to hack and a time to be hacked” (and a time to be hacked off?) in his little list of things that there is a time for, because as far as we know, the internet had not been invented yet. (If it had, those guys did a great job of keeping it a secret! Oh Atlantis . . . ) But evidently, those activities, passive and active, could have been included, because in all my days of emailing and blogging and facebooking, my accounts have never been hacked. Until yesterday. I should’ve known I wasn’t immune.

I found out about this from more alert members of The Readership. (Man. You guys are working overtime these days!) I also found out the identities of more individuals included in The Readership. Which was pretty cool. Finding out I had been hacked, however, was not. Finding out the hacking involved my blog linking to unsavoury, exploitative sites was even less so. Some of my friends described what was happening when they tried to read the post about my mother (really? This had to happen with a post about my mother??), and others discussed that apparently this is a problem for which WordPress is (recently?) notorious.

The good thing about WordPress, though? Is that you can send their support team an email, and they actually have live people in their support team who get back to you really quickly and speak regular colloquial English that non-computer-nerds-using-computers can understand. (Note: I’m not saying I’m not a nerd. Oh, I am so a nerd. Just . . . I don’t really know anything about computers.) I sent them a concerned email. I also changed some of my login stuff. I got an email back. It was from a guy named Anthony. He basically said, “Uh–what’s the problem? I can’t find anything.”

I basically said, “My friends who are trying to access my blog through their cell phones are being dropped into the dregs of internet yuckness.” (Okay, that’s not really what I said, but that was the basic idea.)

This morning he sent me this email back:

Hi Jennifer,

This terrible problem should now be resolved. After further investigation, this appears to have been linked to a mobile advertising provider that has now been completely disabled and removed. Your readers will have no further problems reading your site via any mobile platforms, and I’d like to express our sincerest apologies for this mess. This was entirely inappropriate, and it will not happen again.

Thank you for letting us know about this, and we hope you have a fantastic rest of the week. 🙂


Aww. What a nice support tech. And look what happens when everybody works together: problem cited, alerted, passed to the appropriate people, and fixed. Yay! I suppose some might call it a stretch to say there was a time for this purpose . . . but maybe there was.

Photo by Vera Kratochvil, who kindly posted it as public domain.

Go Team!


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