We Now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Wedding Rehash . . .

Back in the day when I was newly blogging on Blogger and intentionally courting a blog-community I had never met (though some of them I have now), we used to nominate each other for blogging awards from time to time. Then I kind of fell out of the blogging network (what? people don’t still read your blog when you stop reading and commenting on theirs??) and so I haven’t seen such things in a while. Imagine my surprise and hand-over-my-heart humbled delight to find that a new blogfriend had nominated me for this:

Oh! You shouldn't have! (But I'm kinda happy you did.)

Naturally there are rules that go with the acceptance of this award. Naturally one of them is to thank the nominator. And so, surprised-and-delightedly, I do. Thanks, Bitchy Bride! Irrelevantly, I would just like to point out that she is from England, where I used to live, and I am from New England, where she used to live. Sweet.

Now I’m supposed to reveal seven dirty secrets, which might be disappointing for Ms. BB, since mine are not all that juicy, and I really feel I should avoid any that will embarrass other people . . . Actually, mostly I’m having trouble thinking of any. I’m boring even myself. But here’s one:

1. I have never used the word “bitchy” in my blog before, and what’s more, I’m kind of (no longer secretly) pleased with The Bitchy Bride for creating a scenario in which I had no choice but to do so. Youth group members of The Readership: this is not license to start using this word. Around me. I know you already do. Parental members of The Readership (by which I mostly mean my parents): sorry.

2. When I was a teenager, I used to pray regularly for Kirk Cameron’s salvation because I had a huge crush on him and maybe I thought that would justify the photos I had of him taped inside my locker. Those of you who are ticked off at him for his recent interview . . . could blame me, I guess?


4. This one’s for the Whovians: Two nights ago I had a dream that some composite of the Ood and the Adipose were trying to settle on Earth and trying to get individual humans to foster their babies. Dr Who wasn’t around and no one could discern their motives, but we did uncover an enormous “Oodipose” city underground. And I haven’t seen a Dr. Who episode in weeks. Evidently my brain was trying to make up for this void.

5. No real secret, but, I think, never-before-blogged about: when I was in college, I used to regularly climb out the 5th floor window of the Billy Graham Center, inch my way across the ledge to the next window, shove it open, climb in, and let my friends into the locked attic from the inside. Now there’s a big iron grill over the window, and an alarm on the door.

6. According to my Husband, I snore like a freight train. “How does such a noise come out of such a classy, elegant person?” he says. Probably he’ll stop asking that after he discovers I’m not really as classy or elegant as he thought.

7. I used to fall in love with characters in books, and secretly pretend I was the heroine. Beauty by Robin McKinley and the Westmark trilogy by Lloyd Alexander being my favourite stories to “be,” though Jane Austen novels would do in a pinch.

And now, here comes the point you have all really been waiting for, which is when I nominate 15-20 other bloggers for this illustrious award. We’re going to use the term “Versatile” in the award, “versatilely.” A lot of these blogs have a theme or a focus, but they are, indeed, versatile within that theme. (Others are just all over the map. Like me.) Here they are:

1. Simple Speedy Snacks

2. Kana’s Chronicles

3. Shadow Knife Pen . . . Glot

4. Adventures of the Mischief Machine

5. food4thoughtfood4life

6. A Woman’s Guide to Women: a Blog for Men

7. learning my lines

8. A Life in the Arts

9. L’Chaim to the dance of life

10. Random Human Ecology

11. Jeff’s Deep Thoughts

12. Seedlings in Stone

13. Left Cheek

14. Loud Time

15. Kirsten Creighton Photography



6 thoughts on “We Now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Wedding Rehash . . .

    • Haha! Things would be in a sorry state if I were still “getting in trouble with” my parents at this advanced age! It’s just, you know, respect. Or something. 🙂

  1. Jenn, Thank you for the nomination… I would really like to write something witty or at least do justice to the thoughtfulness you have shown me… but these darn water droplet things are obscuring my vision.

  2. I just occurred to me that I haven’t yet said THANK YOU for the nomination! 😀 You brightened up my weekend with it! I hope things are well. I can’t wait to hear more about your wedding!

    • Thanks, Kaitlin! It was my pleasure. I really do enjoy your blog (even though WordPress STILL doesn’t let me know when you’ve written a new post). Also, thanks for getting at me to write some more. I know I really need to! 🙂

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