Backlog of Wedding

“You’re slacking,” said my Paul (now also known as my Husband) with a twinkle in his eye. (No, not that kind of twinkle. I know we just got married, but there are different kinds. Sheesh.) “You haven’t written any blogposts in weeks.”

Um . . . we did just get married and go on a honeymoon . . .

Not one to squander an opportunity to tease, however, he continued, “Yeah. But we’re back now.”

Right. Back to work. Which isn’t exactly lacking.

As it happens, he is the one who was literally taking notes all through our honeymoon, and I suspect some of this banter was just his oblique way of angling either for a chance to guest-post on my blog, or at least for a little link love from me for his own blog. (Seeing as he is most articulate and he had me at “library of Alexandria,” I think that’s probably the least I could do.) I know he has stuff he wants to tell you. He knows I have stuff I want to tell you. But you don’t disappear for a week, overhaul your marital status, start waking up in a completely different house and realising it’s yours, and then just, you know, have time for blogging. Not to mention that this week basically kicks off the Busy Season for me here at Now Church (pre-Easter through Labor Day Youth Conference), so, I’m just saying, I have my excuses.

I also have a lot to say. Which always turns out to make me say nothing at all.

All this to explain that I haven’t forgotten you, Dear the Readership, nor have I suddenly been struck dumb with marriage, but please bear with me as I find time to regale you with snippets from the last two weeks, while I simultaneously begin the adjustment to Mrs-hood.


The beginning of Mrs-hood


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