Evidently the Honeymoon Also Chooses You

I had intended to write some sort of disclaimer stating that if you find the topic of weddings and the preparations there-for to be a) boring, b) painful, c) morally suspect, d) cheesy, you might want to stay away from this blog for a bit, because there are only 21 days until mine and so I guess that’s kind of what’s going to be on my mind for the most part this Month of Luv . . . (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.) But apparently most of you don’t feel any of those ways about weddings, because there were 106 of you over here yesterday reading about my wedding dress, so . . . maybe I don’t need to worry about a drop-off in the Readership after all?

Back in the days when I was leaping in faith to buy wedding dresses before I was even engaged, we were also occasionally throwing the term honeymoon out there. My Paul mentioned Florida at one point, which would have been okay if he were there, but I was really hoping that wouldn’t be where we ended up. He also threw the Azores out in one conversation, which would have been far more up my alley, but I didn’t suppose we’d really do that because of costs. I did look it up, just out of curiosity, and as best I could tell, we would’ve had to take an entire month off to get any enjoyment out of the trip because of how insanely long it takes to get there and back again. Well, maybe two weeks. Whatever–still more time than we needed for a honeymoon if either of us plan on having any other vacation time this year. (Particularly me, as I’ve already been globetrotting this year, as has been observed previously.) After we got engaged, the honeymoon chats got moderately more serious, and when my Paul suggested Montreal, I thought that was a perfect idea. Neither of us has been there, so we can explore it together for the first time, it’s in another country, but we can drive there in about five hours. Excellent! Now we just needed to decide where to stay.

I don’t know if he’d put it quite this way (probably not), but I have a hunch my desire to find a perfect wedding dress for me for under $30 kind of matched my Paul’s desire to have a perfect honeymoon for us at an astonishingly low price, too. We agreed (and even thought of it independently of each other) that we should try to find a vacation condo so we could self-cater instead of eating every meal out, and then we found one that was located really close to downtown and had free parking. The price wasn’t bad either, but Paul said he had this feeling that he should hold off on renting it. “It’s the first weekend of March,” he said. “Who’s going to be going to Montreal in the first week of March?”

I figured we were, so maybe someone else would, but this was his deal and I wasn’t worried about it.

Yesterday, evidently, he had another feeling–this time that he should check on that rental again and . . . what do you know? It was $150 cheaper! Turned out someone had jumped on that deal already, but it also turned out that the landlord had another vacation condo which had until that point been unlisted on account of someone having been using it for the last four months. It just opened up, so the landlord asked if we wanted that one. Since it’s in the same building and has all the same amenities, Paul said yes, and now we’re booked in almost-downtown Montreal for a week, for $500. So I’d say he’s a pretty happy camper. And, since we aren’t actually camping, I am, too!

8 thoughts on “Evidently the Honeymoon Also Chooses You

    • Good question. I have no idea how/if WordPress counts the email subscribers.

      Also . . . pretty sure I don’t need to ask Mom. I grew up under the orange juice rations, remember? 😉

  1. Not a feeling, this was a God thing. It’s happened to me before, the best example being the purchase of my house. It’s both exciting and humbling to have the Holy Spirit take interest in the small things in your life, and try to direct you in ways that He knows are best. I need to listen to that still, small voice more often.

    • I absolutely think that’s true. You’ve described it variously in telling this story, however.

      I like what you say about its being humbling when the Holy Spirit takes an interest in the “small things.” I think it’s true that He does, but there are a lot of people (both Christian and not) who will say that it’s arrogant to claim such things. I can see where they’re coming from–I mean, I can put myself in that mindset. When you started claiming the Holy Spirit as inspiration for this occasion, though, I started thinking . . . I need to remember what it feels like to credit God with more of the blessings, instead of thinking I just got lucky. I’ll never understand why some people seem to have to suffer so much more than I do, but that doesn’t give me an excuse for not acknowledging His gifts in my own life. Thanks for the reminder, love.

  2. Montreal,.. I have wanted to visit there as I am told I have relatives there. The closest I have been is Niagara Falls to date. It sounds as if Paul has some wisdom and experience in attaining reasonably priced lodging, that could come in handy if you want to travel.

  3. It should be noted that I, myself, also know how to attain reasonably-priced lodging, but my way is to visit and stay with people I know in the places I’m traveling. 😉 A little moochier, and . . . not exactly the route we want to take for a honeymoon . . . !

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