Conclusion of 80’s Night

On the way to the 80’s party, Paul grinned and said, “Now, where do you want to go after the party?” Yeah, right. In that get-up? Half a can of hairspray, crazy eye-shadow, and essentially skin-tight pants? Yeahahaha right.

When we got there . . . whaddaya know? With the exception of maybe three, all the women there had side ponytails. This is doubtless because none of us have mullets anymore, though this is actually not a foregone conclusion in this part of the world; without much effort you can still find people non-ironically wearing 80’s hair around here. But . . . most of the people at the party were maybe not from this part of New England?

Anyway, at least I was the first side-ponytail-wearer to show up, so I could pretend I set the trend, but after everyone else arrived I felt very unoriginal. I stopped to think about this and realised I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually know people in person who wore side ponytails. I just saw them in magazines. Oh, and there might have been that one girl who was a senior when I was a freshman, but I didn’t actually know her.

We munched on Pringles and Bugles and blonde brownies and French bread pizza . . . well, I did. My Paul didn’t eat much of that stuff. So by the time we left some time later, he was hungry. “Haha!” we joked. “Imagine if we went to a restaurant while I was all dressed up in pseudo-80’s clothes!”

Then we went to a 50’s diner. Well. Neither of us had actually had supper. Suddenly I was assuredly the only person with a side-ponytail anywhere in the vicinity. Somehow, I didn’t feel any more delighted by this than I did by being one of many side-ponytails at the party. Weird.

It’s just . . . well, I’m not sure if I would have felt any less awkward in a “normal” restaurant, but does anyone else feel like it would be a little weird to be in an establishment focusing on the style of one decade, dressed in the style of another one? I mean, I guess the 50’s and the 80’s have some complimentary aspects, but . . . I’d be lying to say I didn’t feel somewhat awkward in there.

I suppose I may have asked for it, though. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Conclusion of 80’s Night

    • That is good news indeed. Maybe?

      Then again, given the fact that some people around here haven’t given up the mullet cut they got 30 years ago, and that side ponytails never really took off here the first time around, I suspect they will still be an anomaly.

      Unless, of course, you go to college in Boondocks, New England?

    • Ah, the low side ponytail. Is a totally different animal. I like those, although I can imagine myself taking similar action if I thought I had gotten to used to it.

      Also–apologies that it took so long for your comment to appear here; WordPress thought it was spam. You might want to have words with them about that! Thanks for stopping by. Please do so anytime.

  1. Given the ever changing styles and the psychedelic colors, abstract fashions and various tattoo and body piercings, I think you probably didn’t see tooo many double takes! 😀
    As an aside, I loved the 80s 😉

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