Letters from the Airport

Dear Logan Airport,

Free Wi-Fi? Congratulations on becoming my new favourite airport. Even though your international departure terminal has all the ambiance of an underground public toilet facility. Though less smelly. Fortunately.
Dear As-Yet-Unknown Person Next to Whom I Will Be Sitting on the Plane,

Speaking of smelly: I apologise. I had no idea, when I took it out of Paul’s fridge, that his leftover pasta dish which I wished to eat for lunch had full cloves of roasted garlic in it. Paul is not quite as fond of me when I have eaten garlic, so I can only imagine how you’re going to feel about it, although I have no intention of kissing you, no matter who you are. Let’s get this out now. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Dear Jennwith2ns (i.e., Self),

Although you are accustomed to flying all over the world without access to a phone, you now have a phone which might be expected at least to text internationally, so bringing a charger cable probably would have been a good idea.

Dear Airport Food Service Options,

Why are there never dollar menus? And Starbucks, as a former employee, I am well aware that airport Starbucks are not “real” Starbucks and do not take my Starbucks card, but would it really be that difficult to arrange things so that they would? No one has ever been happy about this scenario.

Dear Airport Security,

Paul suggests that, if the body scan is really necessary, I should request my semiannual post-cancer mammogram at the same time. Why not? Might as well get my money’s worth. What do you think? Can you check for the presence of cancer while you look for nail files I might have forgotten to take out of my pockets?

Dear Medical-Type Science-Type Guy Talking on Cell Phone While Also Waiting for a Plane,

Did you just say “sputum”? Now you’re talking about trials and tubes of blood. “Yeah, the blood is a different story, so you double-check.” Should I be worried? What are you doing?

Dear The Readership,

I’m going to visit my parents in Ireland. Did you know my parents live in Ireland? There might be one drop of Irish blood per each of us (unusual for New Englanders), but they’ve been there for something like seven years, and they might be returning to the US for good this summer. I wanted to get back there at least one more time–plus I want to visit Belfast, having visited Dublin. That way, the next time someone asks me how many countries I’ve been to, I can add another one to my list. This was our post-Christmas Christmas celebration plan even before Paul became The Boyfriend, and I kind of wish he could come along. But he’s saving vacation for a honeymoon, and Mom and I can work on wedding stuff even though the wedding will be happening back home. I suspect this trip will be different from some of my other ones. I’m going to miss Paul, but at the same time I’m looking forward to some international travel. It’s been a while. See you soon!


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