I’m not sure if it’s a function of thinking too much or what, but as a self-described hopeful cynic, I have a little trouble with that attitude of gratitude that some less complicated (or maybe more spiritually faithful) souls often enjoin. The cynical part of me is always looking for the downside of things so as not to be taken by surprise, and even the hopeful part of me is always looking future-ward, which isn’t necessarily bad but does kind of lead to some blind spots about current blessings, sometimes.

Yesterday, for those of us in the United States of America, was Thanksgiving Day, a holiday which I recently heard someone describe as “the most American of holidays.” I might, on a day when I’m not trying not to be cynical (like tomorrow), write a post about why this is and isn’t an apt descriptor, but one reason it might be is that I’m pretty sure almost every American celebrates it, no matter what religion they espouse, and even whether they believe in God or not. And . . . I like it. I should probably (make that definitely) be more consciously and overtly thankful than I am, but I like that there’s at least one day a year that affords anyone who wants to take it with the opportunity to consider that they’re blessed, and articulate it.
And so . . . here are some of my things I’m thanking God for (since I do believe in God), in no particular order and off the top of my head:
I’m thankful that:
1. even though I crashed my flawless Nissan at the beginning of the year, I got another one quickly that does a decent job of getting me from point A to point B and even fits most teenagers for youth group outings.
2. I have (and still have) a job.
3. said job still keeps me interested.
4. I get to work with such a great group of teens, growing group of elementary aged kids, and stellar team of adult volunteers.
5. I am a part of the Women’s Bible study at Now Church.
6. I’ve had three super-fun visits with the BroFam this year.
7. we have family closeness, even if not geographically.
8. I have parents who give a constant example of gracious self-sacrifice.
9. I met The Boyfriend, and that the Matchmaker helped make this possible, humanly speaking.
10. Oscar and The Boyfriend’s dog get along and Oscar doesn’t have the chronic tummy trouble he used to have.
11. The Boyfriend’s and my friendship and relationship is growing and deepening. And also we go on hikes and watch Dr Who.
12. This is the 100th blog post on this blog.
13. The Readership.
14. Friends all over the world.
There’s more stuff, of course. But that’s enough for a blog. I just hope I keep saying thanks, even when no one can see it.

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