That’s a Fan Story

“In the interest of ‘branding,'” I wrote on my Facebook wall, “in case, you know, I ever publish another book, this page will be replacing the Trees in the Pavement page.” The page in question is the That’s a Jenn Story fan page I just created over there. “I will,” I went on, about the old Trees page, “be deleting that one probably by Christmas. ‘Like’ this page if you follow my blog, feel guilty for not following my blog, wish I would follow your blog, like Trees in the Pavement, read New England Condominium, are connected to Christian Focus Publications or want to be able to say you helped get this author to write again.”

Consider yourself to have received the same invitation. Or I mean, “offer.”

You can “like” it from here if you are so inclined. The thing is, I am not too sure there’s much of a point to a fan page unless I’m willing to make it a little interactive or something. I made a fan page for Trees in the Pavement specifically, a year or so ago, and I got about 300 fans, which was gratifying, but then it just kind of sat there, and what’s the good in that?

So I’m trying an experiment. I’ve been getting Writer’s Digest emails for years and never actually read them, but recently I’ve discovered that they’re kind of a good resource with certain good ideas, including posting a “writing prompt of the week.” So . . . I’m trying something similar with this blog/the fanpage. Send a short- (very short) story idea to me at I’ll pick one per week and post it, and then I (and you, if you feel like it) will write a less-than-700-word vignette about the idea. I’m trying to figure out a little prize I can send to the person whose idea I pick, although I’m not overly inspired as yet, given a non-existent fan-budget. I’m thinking of making “That’s a Jenn Story” magnets out of bottle caps. Is that completely lame?

Anyway. It could still be fun. Send me your ideas and let’s see where this goes!


2 thoughts on “That’s a Fan Story

  1. Hi Jenn,
    I just posted an idea I am playing with, called “Wrong Place Wrong Time”. It is a creative writing experiment that appears in the physical but also perhaps a parallel spiritual application as well. Anyway, let me know if that qualifies as an idea and if you want me to do anything else with it.

    • Sounds like an idea to me! You can do whatever you want with it, and I may do whatever I want with it, and I’m sure we’ll see the results sooner or later. I think I’m going to go with another suggestion for this week, but given the fact that they’re not exactly pouring in, I’ll probably get to this one next. The whole idea is to get me to work on writing, and get my friends involved in the process. ūüėČ

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