In case the Northeastern corner of the United States hadn’t already had enough extreme weather samplings in 2011, and in case some of us had actually recovered from the excessive amount of snow we had last winter, we were most recently bombarded (Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning) by a truly unseasonal snowstorm with effects not unlike the Ice Storm of 2008. As The Good Neighbours reminded me last evening when I was over there trying to charge my cell phone at their house because they have a generator and I don’t and none of us have real electricity right now, we still have a month and a half before it’s actually winter. A dusting of snow in October would be dismaying, after all the above-described meteorological events. An entire foot of snow? Is absurd. And really worrying.

The Good Neighbours told me that someone told them that whatever the date is on which the first snow falls that accumulates and sticks, is the number of storms we’ll have that winter. Actually, that happened right before this blizzard I’m talking about, and it was on the 28th, so maybe we’re already one storm down (27? no problem!), and maybe that’s just a little more superstitious than even I can stand behind, but nevertheless, that, combined with the snowstorm we just had in reality makes me think my dream is about to come true.

No, seriously. I often have, as you know, vivid dreams, and sometimes I believe they signify something, but they never happen literally in real life. But I did have this dream out at camp in August where I was with some people and it got cold and snowy and I commented disgruntledly about this. One of the people I was with said, “Oh–didn’t you hear that this winter’s going to be even worse than the last one?” I woke up with a feeling of genuine dread and thought, Did I hear that? Or is my subconscious just afraid of a winter like last one and making stuff up. I hope I’m making stuff up!

Right now, as I wait for someone to come and have mercy on my neighbourhood and turn the power back on (last I heard, they’re predicting Friday. Just like the last time this happened), I don’t feel like I was making stuff up. But I sure wish I had been.

2 thoughts on “Freakish

  1. Just a bit discouraging to think about! I hope all the prognosticators are wrong! Glad that you made it safely to work and that you have a wood stove. Do I really want to face Charlton next winter? Not on your life!

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