Leaving the Country

Astute members of The Readership may have noticed that in the last post, I sort of obliquely admitted to being in an exclusive relationship with a Local Guy. (If you missed that, you don’t have to tell me.) Don’t get all excited. No rings or wedding bells yet (I wouldn’t know how to respond to that at this point). Who knows where this will go. But so far . . . Vienna.

Local Guy said, “Get dressed up,” so I put on one of the two blouses I bought with my $30 Banana Republic voucher this week, and some cute capris, (he looked pretty good himself), and he handed me a multi-coloured bouquet of roses . . . and a bag of home-grown broccoli “for the anti-oxidants.” The flowers went in a vase, and the broccoli probably could have, too, because it was also beautiful, but I put it in the fridge instead, and then I got in his car and had no idea where we were going. Fortunately, it was his car and I wasn’t driving. It wasn’t until the second to last intersection that it suddenly dawned on me we were going to “Vienna,” a restaurant I’ve wanted to try since I saw it after having gone to the real Vienna one summer when I was still living in London. I hadn’t even ever mentioned it to him. Because most of the time, I don’t remember that the restaurant exists. I won’t be forgetting any time soon anymore, though.

It was a great date, but part of what was great about it, besides the person I am dating, was the place. Completely classy. My opportunities for dressing up are pretty few and far between and the only other times I’ve ever been to places like this (and not quite like this, either–it might be hard for other places to measure up) have been for birthdays of extended family, or friends’ wedding receptions where I didn’t have a date. This time I had a date, and we were at this fancy place for us. We had cocktails and appetisers and complimentary bread and the main course (jaeger-schnitzel for me–not quite as good as the home-made sauerbraten I had in Switzerland one summer, but still pretty good) and then we got a tour of the bed and breakfast part because we were curious, and after that we sat outside by the fire and ate dessert and drank espresso beverages. We were one of only two couples there, which made for a really nice and private-feeling experience, but seemed like an affront to such an amazing place. So it’s a little pricey? If you live in central New England, you should still go. I suspect we’ll be scraping pennies together to go again–though it might take a little while.

Anyway, it’s kind of nice to know you can sometimes travel internationally without the hassle of airports. You should try it sometime.


Note: Just because I am now dating a specific person doesn’t necessarily mean I’m all done blogging about the weird world of Christian internet dating. I still think there might be a book in there somewhere, sometime.


10 thoughts on “Leaving the Country

  1. Sounds Amazing – we LOVE German restaurants – and try to visit every one in our radius when we have knowledge of them…. I am putting it on my list.

    • Do it! If you like that kind of food, you’ll love this place. Book yourselves an overnight if you can swing it–from what we saw, the upstairs is pretty swank, too.

  2. I’ve always been curious about that place too…still hope to get to Vienna before I leave Europe though!

    And you SHOULD write a book!

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