Nothing at All (or, Lots of Run-On Sentences)

Oh my word my blog stats are tanking again which means I’d better blab something on here quickly so I don’t lose all The Readership and besides didn’t you like how blogposts kept appearing here when I wasn’t even anywhere near an internet connexion last week?

Well . . . I liked it. Somehow I didn’t realise until recently that you can pre-emptively write blogposts and schedule them to post later, such that, if you have an unusually inspired/inspiring day and decide to write, oh I don’t know, eleven posts about dropping your phone into the middle of the lake (wasn’t me!) or something, you don’t have to overwhelm your Readership with all eleven of those posts on the same evening and then leave them hanging with no reading material for another week and a half. It’s pretty great, this scheduled-posting thing.

Too bad I used up all my ideas that one week I wasn’t here.

I have these cyberfriends (by which I mean, real friends, whom I’ve never met in real life) who are suddenly all Intentional about their blogs. They troll the internet looking for appropriate photo-illustrations, and they have Themes of the Day (I’m pretty sure they don’t call them that, nor would they capitalise it if they did, but it’s what they are, and I do), and one of them is gearing up to go all Jon Acuff and have guest bloggers on his site. This Intentionality on the part of other bloggers I actually know makes me feel both motivated and lame, in the non-literal but still un-PC sense of the word. (The second word. I suppose motivated may be un-PC in some circles, but I haven’t encountered that yet.) Which is why I set up all those posts last week, and yet find myself with nothing to say in this one.

I should consider inviting guest post-ers, too, in order to fill in the gaps in my head, but I feel that I have narrowed my platform-sharing ability by naming my blog and its stories after myself. Is it a Jenn story if Jenn didn’t write it? I suppose I could have people guest-post stories about me, but that would be even more narcissistic than even I am willing to appear.

Actually, Mr. Won’t-You-Be-My-Guest-Post-er has very generously, graciously, and quite possibly fool-hardily invited me to be one of them, and he asked me if I’d post this Thursday, but unless something really noteworthy happens between right this second and Thursday morning (or, more realistically probably Wednesday night), I haven’t the faintest idea with what to grace his blog.

As you can tell. Since I just wrote and entire post about not having anything to write about. And you just read it. How do you feel about that?


8 thoughts on “Nothing at All (or, Lots of Run-On Sentences)

  1. Sometimes nothing is the perfect idea! Sometimes nothing is just what’s needed. “What would you add to this lasagna?” “Nothing! Except perhaps my mouth” – and then after you’ve eaten it, that’s what would be left – nothing! πŸ™‚

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