How Would Jesus Date?

“Who would Jesus date?” is, I think, a question that has already been asked, and I might sound off on that sometime, but this post (including the title) is being dictated almost entirely by the Matchmaker, who likes to ask intriguing questions and then suggest that I blog about them. And the title question is the one that he’s asking. I pretty much think he should just get his own blog, but I doubt that’s really going to happen, so I hope I can do his question justice. He says to tell you that you’re not allowed to steal this title because it’s going to be the name of my next book. You never know. He might be right.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the Matchmaker is an agnostic of Orthodox Jewish background. He married a Jewish woman to make his parents happy and it was not a success, and he claims that his dating experiences with other Jewish women subsequently have not gone well–that in his experience they’re brusque and rude, in contrast to women of other faiths he has dated. He has this theory that Jewish parents raise their sons and daughters in such a way that they are fundamentally incompatible with each other, and he is wondering how people of other faiths find their coreligionists to be, in the dating realm.

Particularly, I guess he is wondering if there is a corresponding habitual “type” of response among Christian men and women to each other in the context of dating. Are they kinder to each other than other people who don’t claim to follow Jesus, or are they like the Jewish women the Matchmaker has reached out to? Are there any distinguishing characteristics among Christian daters? Maybe–can we genuinely see Christ reflected in each others’ actions?

This might be a difficult question for life-long evangelical Christians to answer, at least in terms of comparison, because we typically hold to the idea that we should only marry other Jesus-lovers, and so it’s possible that many of us have only ever dated other Christians and can’t compare them to dating people of other or no faith. (Okay–you all know I’m not included in that “us,” but . . . some people are.) But before I sound off my own opinions (if, indeed, I do), I (and the Matchmaker) am curious to know about your experiences with this. What do you think? How do you think Jesus would treat a date? And have you been treated that way? And do you treat others that way? I wish I did more. I’ve been mulling this over a lot since the Matchmaker mentioned it. It’s a good question, I think.

Stories, please.