It’s the Little Things . . .

You may have noticed that I keep changing my blog theme. I just . . . I couldn’t quite find one I liked. “Elegant Grunge” was kind of great–especially the name–but you didn’t know that black-and-white background one was called “Elegant Grunge,” now, did you? Unless, of course, you have a WordPress blog and you used or thought about using that theme yourself. And the grey print . . . well, I thought it might be kind of faint and difficult for some people to read.

I liked the last one because I like green and I kind of liked those little designs, but it disappeared my other two pages (“On Paper” and “What’s a Jenn Story”) which was just sort of annoying. I tried other themes before and after, and they were kind of all right but I just couldn’t find anything that quite felt like me.

This is WordPress, I kept telling myself. Aren’t they supposed to be all hip and trendy and user-friendly and have something that fits EVERY SINGLE PERSONALITY IN THE WORLD? (Sorry–I know. I just got a little overexcited right then.) I have to say they’re extra-awesome in that when I have a technical question and actually get around to asking them about it, an actual person responds within the day, is friendly, and is always able to solve the problem. (This is more–a lot more–than can be said about some other blogging forums. Fora? Shouldn’t the plural of forum be fora?)

Every time they come up with a new theme, I check it out just in case it is, finally, exactly what I’m looking for . . . and today? It was!

Don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things . . .

  1. I really am struggling with finding me. I have been perusing the themes and have previewed many. As I commented last night to you, yesterday I actually changed it and then changed it back again 😦 I think I need to start taking more pictures and utilizing them. Part of the problem is as my mood changes so does my theme interpretations. That’s It! I need one that can read my moods and change with them and then it would also be cool if it would help me find words while I’m writing but the word I want ends up going the way of the missing socks that go in the wash and never come back and…. aaheeem, sorry bout that,off on a tangent again 🙂

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