Blog Pause

This wasn’t supposed to happen. I have a five-month-new blog here at That’s a Jenn Story, and surely there will always be enough Jenn stories to keep it going, right? And also time to write them. In my previous blog, there were often long stretches of time when I didn’t have anything to say or the words to say it, or it was more private than even I would dare to post, but that wasn’t going to happen in this blog.


It’s no mistake that the last post before this one was all about my upcoming Greek exam . . . which I took, closely followed by a Christian Ethics exam and a World Mission of the Church exam. I wish I could say they were all finals, but no. They were, for all intents and purposes, mid-terms. Somehow I managed to cram most of half of a semester’s worth of three classes into my head in two weeks. So, is it any wonder you haven’t heard from me much? Or that maybe the stuff that I wrote in the blue books is still in those but no longer in my skull?

But I do apologise, Dear Reader, because honestly. What is a blog without you?


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