This Way Up (Part 1): Who’s Your Daddy?

Matthew 1

What happens when God is with us: we get better connected to our heritage, freed from our past, and our insignificance is turned into significance.

[God with us] means God will make sure things work out. –Dr John Goldingay


Pastor Jenn

This podcast will now also incorporate audio from the “Mini Message” (formerly known as “Children’s Message”), usually presented by Rev Barbara Jernigan. This particular episode also contains audio from an impromptu family meeting which happened right before our congregational time of prayer. 

For King and Kids

Psalm 8

A transition sermon between our series on Atonement (WDJD) and an extended meander through the Gospel of Matthew. Many thanks to for the use of their video and teaching on Psalm 8.


Pastor Jenn

WDJD: Jesus Defeated Death

Matthew 28:1-8

Jesus defeated death. If He didn’t, none of the other ways of looking at the atonement even matter.


Pastor Jenn

WDJD: Jesus Took Our Punishment

Isaiah 53

The lens makes all the difference.


Pastor Jenn

WDJD: Jesus Purifies Us

Leviticus 16

Sin is contagious. It needs to be eradicated. Jesus does that.

[Ironically, this is the one that didn’t get preached in church, on the anniversary of our Covid lockdown, because Pastor Jenn was sick with a fever that day. (She doesn’t have Covid–don’t worry!)]


Pastor Jenn

WDJD: Jesus Freed the Slaves

Exodus 14:5-31

There is no sin that doesn’t hurt anyone. The sin of slavery hurts everyone. And Jesus frees us.


Pastor Jenn

WDJD: Jesus Did Spring Cleaning

John 2

Cleaning out the good in favor of the best.


Rev Barbara Jernigan

WDJD: Jesus Ransomed Humanity

Genesis 22:1-19

Abraham could have stopped believing that this God who had called him was really different from the gods he had left in the human-sacrificing city of Ur, and obeyed no matter what, as just one god among many.

Abraham could have held onto his belief that this God was different from the gods he had left and as such God would never ask such a thing as sacrificing the son of the promise.

Either way, the promise was doomed. Or Abraham could have found the third way.

This is the one where Pastor Jenn completely loses it in the middle.


Pastor Jenn

WDJD: Jesus Fulfilled the Covenant

Genesis 15

We know Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but how did that actually work? For one thing, He fulfilled the terms of the covenant with Abraham.


Pastor Jenn

In Spirit and In Truth: Thy Kingdom Come

John 17

The greatest evil that could befall the Church–and consequently the world–is for God’s people to become disunited from the Trinity and then from each other.


Pastor Jenn